What Coliving means?

As the remote industry grows, telecommuters started traveling and moving all around the world looking for comfort and affordable places to live while they discover and meet other remote workers or travelers.

Co-living is a modern way of housing where the host share living space for travelers integrated in the same building, house or apartment. They have different options like private or shared bedroom, as bathroom as well.

For digital nomads, is better than a cold hotel, with nice furniture and good location. The host presence makes the experience better because it combines the local knowledge and the interests of the other travelers.

The benefits of Coliving are
– Have fast internet
– Meet other digital nomads
– Location
– Stylish and comfortable furniture/Decor
– Have fun being friendly and meeting people

Daniel Beck, founder of Coliving.com started this website on 2014, joining all the different Coliving Spaces around the world in the same place. As the time passed, there are now listed around 150 Coliving spaces around the world, creating a new community of Coliving Hosts; all connected with the same interests and goals.

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