Press Release – Redefining Lifestyle via Travel for People Who Work From Home


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Nomad Trip – Redefining Lifestyle via Travel for People Who Work From Home


People who work from home or remote workers as they are also known are one of the world’s most rapidly growing employees. These people more often than not, engage online and can be identified as freelancers, artists, investors, and online entrepreneurs. As remote workers they can get pretty used to home comforts and not keen to venture into the big outdoors. It could be also due to the factor that they can’t find like-minded people or the suitable travel program that is attractive enough to move them. The biggest concern however would be that whether they can work while traveling, maintaining their work momentum. Nomad Trip understands that concern and is poised to offer the best travel program for a year that is exclusively designed to cater to remote workers.


Having two locations, one in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada and another one in Miami, Florida, US, Nomad Trip works by uniting 55 people who work from home in a travel group and offering one month worth of stay and sight-seeing in each city – four months in Europe, four in Asia and four in South America. All that travel is compacted in a one year program. The exciting and enriching prospects of connecting with local entrepreneurs and traveling together are also in the reachable horizon with Nomad Trip.


Nomad Trip ensures the most prudent yet fulfilling travel perks that save money – paying $2000 monthly with housing, air tickets, travel insurance, co-working spaces, free Netflix, Spotify or Apple music, unlimited Google drive, entrepreneurial events, press releases in each city, free weekends getaways to touristic cities (where the flight layover is) and other extra perks are included.


About the founder of Nomad Trip


Daniel Galecio, the CEO Founder of Nomad Trip left Ecuador in 2015 and migrated to Canada as a LGBTQ immigrant, forsaking his travel agency that he had been operating in Ecuador for six years. Daniel Galecio moved to Canada to pursue an artistic career as a singer. Daniel Galecio’s performances are LGBTQ themes based – having drag-queen elements. His artistic name is Mochila Life which means Backpack Life.


As a travel agent, Daniel Galecio harbors the passion to travel the world over. However, the destinations are selected to be LGBTQ tolerant as his dream is to have singing shows in every city he visits while remotely organizing Nomad Trip.


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