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Top 20 must do things in Medellin

Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia and the capital of the department of Antioquia. It is located in the Aburrá Valley, a central region of the Andes Mountains in South America. This is the destination for people much akin to Remote Work and Long Term Travel.

The 20 things are you have to do to make your Medellin trip a Life Changing Experience may be summed up as follows:-

  1. Enjoy the weather

Proximity to Equator makes a very enjoyable spring like weather prevalent throughout the year.

  1. Paragliding

With dependable thermals and extremely low prices, a 15-20 minutes paragliding gives you the best view of the surrounding mountains.

  1. Mountain riding

Biking on mountain is a must for visitors that will give them a life time experience.

  1. Soccer match

The match between the two local teams Atletico Nacional and Independiente Medellín is a thing not to miss. Tickets are within 40,000 pesos.

  1. Visit the parks and plaza

You can visit to places like Plaza Botero, Parque Berrio, Jerdin Botanico, Pueblito Paisa, Parque Explora and Park Arvi.

  1. Experience the past

In 42000 pesos, a half day tour includes visit to Monaco to the place where Pablo Escobar was ultimately killed and his family grave in Itagui.

  1. Take a sip of world’s best coffee

To experience the highest quality coffee, visit cafes like Juan Valdez or Columbia’s Starbucks.

  1. Dance to the beats of Salsa

Santo Baile in Cali offers the best Salsa classes. You can learn Cuban and Casino styles in Academia Baila Latino.

  1. Delicious food

Enjoy the spiceless but tasty food at the best restaurants like Brasarepa, Hato Viejo, Marmoleo and many more.

  1. Crazy parties

Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights are the party times at the bars with dance and the best drink of the place.

  1. Visit pueblos

Pueblos or small towns in the countryside last ke Guatape or El Penol is the escape from noise.

  1. Flower Festival

Anual flower festival in the month of august is a real spectacle.

13.Columbian art and sculpture

Sculptures by Fernando Botero decorate downtown’s Botero Plaza, while the Museo de Antioquia displays more of the Colombian artist’s work.

  1. A look into the culture

Nearby lie the ornate cultural centre Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe Uribe and the neoclassical Iglesia la Candelaria.

  1. Library

Biblioteca España is the library you must visit.

  1. Hiking trails

A nice walk will make your day.

  1. Canopy tours

Use of zip-lines and aerial bridges between platforms built in trees in the mountainous landscape is never to be missed.

  1. A visit to the zoo

Zoologico Santa Fe is the place to go to.

  1. Horse riding

Available at various parts of the city.

  1. Shopping

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