How it Works

Application Process

Stage 1

Fill up the Application Form. First Interview via Skype or FaceTime in the next 72 hours after your application is fully done. The second interview is to confirm if you are approved or not, dates and contract details to continue with the next stages of the process.

Stage 2

We send the contract ready to read and be signed in the next 48 hours. The contract will include the payment plan that adjusts to each case depending on dates and payment schedules the applicant has. This part of the process includes the approval of the first accommodations details and specifications, air tickets itineraries, events schedules for the first continent and travel insurance contract.

Stage 3

Confirmations, Group Meetings, and Travel Services. The third interview will be held once the group is consolidated. If there is any special request, we will always be open to meetings and video conferences. Two weeks before the trip starts we will contact each participant to confirm all is good to go and check all the services are given and confirmed. Safe travels and see you on our first stop.

Services Included

Group Safe Travels

As a queer-owned startup, our main core value is Safety for our participants and services. Our experience in the travel industry managing groups around the globe helps us to provide a uniquely safe space in each of the destinations we consciously choose to visit during our program.

Entrepreneurial Events

In each destination, we will be having different entrepreneurial events to connect between participants of the program and locals in each city. The events will include (but not limited to) press releases, workshops, tech company visits and social mixers.

CoWorking Spaces

During our program, we will be visiting different Coworking spaces which will include fast WiFi access, coffee station, an English speaking reception and meeting rooms 24/7.

Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance provider is valid in all the countries we will be visiting during our program. The coverage will be presented during the application process and will be offered two options which the traveler will choose based on their budget and preferences.

Air Tickets

The Air Tickets will be reserved after the Application is approved. Once is approved and the first payment is in, you will get the first flights confirmed for the first part of the trip. All tickets will be issued at least 2 months in advance and will include airport transfers in-out in each destination.


Our accommodation service is included during the whole duration of the program. Bathrooms and common spaces will be confirmed depending on availability and budget presented to the applicant.