Housing Crisis – Millennials Option

We are the solution to cold down your finances and have a lifestyle that can afford a living in your loved Overpriced Cosmopolitan city.

Why do you pay a high rent when you can save money, invest and travel the world for the same price?

Tired of living in an overpriced city, living check to check without any chance to save some money, invest in your future and be happy?

Nomad-Trip offers a one year program around the world, where you will be able to work online, travel the world and save some money to invest in your future.

One year away, one month in each city, with 55 cool entrepreneur digital remote workers.
The first program includes: 4 Months in Europe, 4 in Asia and 4 in South America, with a free layover weekend in a touristic city to make business connections with local entrepreneurs or just visit touristic places.
The program includes:
– Private Bedroom Accommodation
– Air Tickets
– Travel Insurance
– Transfer In – Out in each city
– City Tour, Entrepreneurial Events and Press Releases in each main destination.
– Coworking Spaces
– Fast Internet
– Laundry
– Professional and Personal development
– And lots of fun.

A year that will change the way you see life, you live your life and make you a happier-mature person.

Professions Suggested:
Investors, graphic designers, online travel agents, web developers/designers, app developers, online customer services agents, remote call center agents, consultants, online real estate agents, remote workers, online entrepreneurs, online language teachers, Bloggers, Vloggers, online streaming actors and models, influencers, Amazon sellers or any other independent location positions.

Minimum wage suggested: $25 an hour or $1000 a week.

We have different options depending on what stage of your career are you at the moment:

Option 1:
I have an online, remote, location independent job, and am ready to travel the world for a year.
Complete your application process before July 15th, and get 10% off.

Option 2:
I have my own online business and I need it to develop it better so I can join your program.
(Let’s talk about it and maybe we can help you to put it on the level you need to be so you can join our program).

Option 3:
I don’t have an online, remote, location independent job yet, but I am interested in joining the program and get a remote job asap.

Option 4:
I need help to create my remote job and join the trip in January 2018.

Hit me an email to chat about the program and check your needs.


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