Bogotá for Remote Workers

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The capital and largest city of Colombia, Bogota also goes with the title of The Athens of South America. This is a city where you can get history, art, pop and punk – all blended together. For any remote work and someone with a limited budget Bogota should be a piece of cake.

Now here is a list of 20 things you should not miss in Bogota:


  1. Experience History

Bogota is a city with ancient fingerprints on it. If you like remote travel from your destination, then you must choose this place. It’s a city of stunning old architecture and magnificent cathedral. If you are a history buff, then start exploring Bogota from the La Candelaria district. It also suits if you are on a limited budget. This district has a lot of inexpensive places to stay and you can do your remote work perfectly.

  1. Off to Monseratte

Once it was a place for pilgrimage. It’s a best place for remote travel. Now thousands of tourists from different religions flock to Monseratte every day. Monseatte is actually a church which in 10000 feet above the sea level and lets you have a look to the whole city at once. There are some great souvenir shops, parks and restaurants also to ensure you have a quality time.

  1. Visit The Gold Museum

Remember El Dorado, the gold covered mythical tribal chief of ancient Columbia. The Gold Museum gives you an opportunity to see what his successors have done. There are more than 6000 samples of gold ornaments from prehispanic societies found in archaeological sightings all over Columbia.


  1. Take a Graffiti Tour

Big fan of Banksy? Here is what his Latin friends are doing. This is a free tour to get you introduced with the rising street art works of this city. To know detail, click here.


  1. Bet on a Guinea Pig!

Remote travel always comes with a real big twist. In this situation, if you are a gambling addict, Bogota has the weird kind of gambling in its street to offer to you. This involves some semi-circle plastic bowls put on streets. A guinea pig is released which has to choose a particular to bowl to get into. A person can place his bet on any bowl. If the guinea pig chooses his bowl, he wins a satisfactory kind of money. You might already have experience of horse racing. But this little gathering in the streets of Candelaria district of Bogota will shake your adrenaline pretty good, I guarantee!

  1. Get Drunk!

Getting bored about your remote work, then recharge yourself. If you are familiar with Latin American literature, you already know that this whole continent has a soft place for drinking. Well, Columbia is no exception. The city of Bogota has a lot of local drinks to offer you. Most of them are sweet fermented corn drinks such as Mazamorra, Masato, Chicha and so on. You will find them beside streets while strolling towards your next destination during a hectic day.

  1. Botero Museum

You do not need to be an art-lover guy to enjoy the works of Columbia’s most famous artist Fernando Botero. Entrance is totally free and no one will give you a red eye if you want to take a picture. There are also some works of maestros like Dali and Picasso. So don’t miss it. And who says artists only paint slim seductive women!


  1. Ciclovia: Be a Part of Street Parties

Would like to taste the real weekend from your remote work and enjoy your remote travel in Bogota? Every Sunday, from 7 in the morning to 2 pm, Bogota closes most of its streets for big vehicles. The whole city turns into a street party during this time. If you luckily manage to be in Bogota at that time, make sure that you have a cycle. Get out of your hotel room as early as possible, explore the city riding on two wheels, have some street foods.

  1. Plaza Bolivar

This is the administrative heart of Bogota. A lot of people from different parts of Bogota are coming and going on; free cultural events are taking place all the time. This is a busy life in Plaza Bolivar. Experience it. There is also a famous restaurant called La Puerta Falsa (The Hidden Door).

  1. Play Tejo

This is a traditional game of Columbia which involves a lot of drinking. It is kind of dart game with explosives inside it.


  1. Andrés Carne de Res

This is one of the best party spot in the whole South America, located in China, a town slightly north of Bogota. Its unique decoration, customer service, entertaining environment makes it a must-see. The whole place is labeled in four floors, named Earth, Purgatory, Hell and Heaven. So what do you need else?

  1. Just Relax

Tired of moving from one place to another in a foreign city? Or want some relax items in your remote work based life. Bogota has some places to calm you down. There is place called Women Wellness Hotel Spa which lets girls have some quality time alone. Neutra Bienesta, Chairama Spa is some of the best places to offer best yoga and spa for tourists.

  1. Flea Markets

Going through flea markets in Bogota is like a treasure hunt. If you are lucky enough, you can find something you are looking for in a price you cannot even imagine, likely another best part of your remote travel. You can return to your hotel room with a bag full of things, some of which you do not even need! Paloquemao Market in San Facon, Pasaje Rivas Craft Market and Galeria Artesenal are some of the bests.

  1. The Salt Cathedral

As the name suggests, this is a church curved under a salt mine. The skillful lighting helps the interior to look bring a particular feeling among visitors.

  1. Zona Rosa

Now it’s about nightlife in Bogota, hopefully this will be the best part of your remote travel. The city does not only have cathedrals, it has things to offer you to cheer you up. The Zona Rosa is the neighborhoods where most of the posh restaurants, clubs and shopping centers are located. You spend money and you get whatever you want. La Villa, Latora 4Brazos, A Seis manos are some reputed places to chill in Bogota.


  1. Salsa!

Do not leave Columbia without some salsa experience. There are some schools where you can learn some basic moves. In club you can get introduced with someone and let he or she helps with you amateur salsa skills and fulfill your experience of remote travel.

  1. Explore Local Cuisine

What about a food tour? Aijaco (a traditional soup), Bandeja paisa (the national dish of Columbia), Arepas (some kind of local patty) are reputed among foreigners. Try!

  1. The Guatavita Lake

It is a small green mysterious lake outside Bogota. Archeologists found out that this is not an ordinary natural lake, it has been created artificially. But we did not find out how.

  1. Cine Tonala

This is where you can get introduced with latest independent films and other forms of art works in Bogota. It is kind of a refuge for artists and still a cool place to visit.


  1. The Lung of Bogota

If you are already tired of being in a city hazard and want some relief, then The Simon Bolivar Central Park is the solution for you and here you can recharge yourself for your next remote travel as well as most of remote works you can do at this palce. This is a very beautiful calm green place with swimming pools, race tracts, gym and sauna facilities.

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