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Why Nomad-Trip is Different?

Countries that will be visited during the One Year Program
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Every day more work positions become remote, work from home or Telecommute focused on environmental and economic benefits for the companies and the employees.

Nomad-Trip bases his name in a NO-MAD, meaning “no anger, madness, sadness or stress” is allowed in our lives. The logo is a roller carry-on bag which represents an easy and independent way of travel creating this easy-going stress-free lifestyle.

Nomad-Trip offers a program that joins remote workers so they can share their experiences while group traveling around the world, into safe places, which benefits everyone to have a life-changing experience.

The company was founded in 2017 by Daniel Galecio in the US; but because of their political crisis, we decided to move to Toronto, Canada. Now we are joining the Tech-Hub which is shinning and growing in this amazing country and multicultural city.


Why 55 people in each group? 

Our expertise managing groups and events made us create groups of 55 people each, so everyone will have a good quality Service Experience including flights, accommodation, group interaction, and travel services.


Values: Independency, Innovation and Service.

Daniel Galecio – Mochila

To make yourself happy be sure you are at the correct moment in the correct place. The happier you are, the better the world would be.
Daniel Galecio known as Mochila is a Canadian-Ecuadorian queer artistic entrepreneur who had work with the Travel Industry since he was 17 years young. His experience over the last decade includes managing corporate conventions, NGO Congress and groups around the world as logistics manager and experience developer. His charisma and expertise as Travel Advisor, Mystery Shopper, Event Organizer, Social Media Expert and Project Management had developed his career in bars, hotels, hostels, travel agencies, tourism wholesalers, tour operators, restaurants, catering companies, event organizers, tech companies among others.